C.J. Bouras selected for the advisory committee of GRNET

The Board of Directors of GRNET has selected prof. Christos J. Bouras, Scientific Co-ordinator of LDST, as member of the Advisory Committee of GRNET.
The Advisory Committee constitutes of members that have extended experience in the research area of Networks, Telematics and New Services, it provides information about the research work that needs to be done by GRNET and about regulation on Networks.

Launching of CNG Project

RU6 announces the launching of a new project under the FP7 Program. The project entitled CNG, was rewarded during the evaluation phase, and is currently running its first months.

CNG is an exciting new research project to look into embedding user generated content into virtual world environments has just launched. The Community Network Game project is a cutting edge collaboration involving European and Israeli experts from SMEs and research organisations.

You can find useful information about the project in the Projects section of our website.

CNG Proposal Rewarded

The proposal CNG that was submitted under the activity 'ICT-4-1.5 - Networked Media and 3D Internet' was evaluated as one of the best proposals of the current call and was 3rd in the total ranking, out of 95 submissions, scoring 13 out of 15.