Superhighways for Open and Distance Learning

TitleSuperhighways for Open and Distance Learning
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsBouras, C, Spirakis, P, Lampsas, P
Conference Name1997 EDEN Conference, Budapest, Hungary
Date Published23 - 25 June

An educational information network, is a multimedia network with a centralized architecture for the
provision of educational services. The educational services comprise basic network applications (such
as multimedia e-mail, fora for debates on educational subjects, access to already existing
information), video distribution of multimedia lessons and a custom developed teletraining tool for
the conduction of lessons over a broadband networking infrastructure.
The suitability of the widely available broadband networking technologies (ATM, ISDN), as opposed
to the alternative of using already existing networking infrastructure (Internet, CATV), for the
implementation of educational networks for the realization of an Open and Distance Learning
Environment will be examined. More specifically the types of educational services that can be best
hosted by each technology and the costs as opposed to the maturity for the deployment of each
networking technology will be cited.
Finally, a proposal for an implementation scheme of an educational information network, concerning
the appropriate (and cost effective) networking infrastructure that can best accommodate the
aforementioned educational services will be elaborated.