Policies and Tools for Efficient Design of Broadband Development

TitlePolicies and Tools for Efficient Design of Broadband Development
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsTopaloglou, L, Bouras, C, Kos, A, Frank, A(editors)

Broadband is the fourth strategic pillar of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The connectivity and internet access it provides is a key enabler for a number of important services for citizens, businesses and the public sector. The ambitious targets set in the Digital Agenda indicate the importance of broadband for the economy of the EU and citizen welfare.

The SIVA project supports the goals of EU's strategy on digital technologies (namely the Digital Agenda for Europe) and aims to contribute to the improvement of virtual accessibility in South East Europe through the promotion of broadband access, supplementing physical accessibility and thus narrowing the digital gap in the SEE area.

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