Networking Aspects for the Security of Game Input

TitleNetworking Aspects for the Security of Game Input
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBouras, C, Poulopoulos, V, Tsogkas, V
Conference Name5th IEEE International Workshop on Networking Issues in Multimedia Entertaiment - NIME09, Las Vegas, USA
Date Published13 January

Following the trends of our era, Games At Large IST Project introduces an innovative platform for running interactive, rich content multimedia applications over a Wireless Local Area Network. Games@Large project?s vision is to provide a new system architecture for Interactive Multimedia which will enhance existing CE devices such as, Set Top Boxes (STB), Small Screen and other devices, which are lacking both the CPU power and the graphical performance to provide a rich user experience. This paper presents the input command transferring module that provides encryption capabilities for ensuring the security of the transmitted sensitive user data. In a nutshell, the client software when capturing input from a keyboard device encrypts the commands that are transmitted over a Wireless Local Area Network, using a public key encryption scheme and the server is responsible for decrypting and executing the commands to the corresponding game application.