Enhaning Reliable Mobile Multicasting with RaptorQ FEC

TitleEnhaning Reliable Mobile Multicasting with RaptorQ FEC
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBouras, C, Papazois, A, Kokkinos, V, Kanakis, N
Conference Name17th IEEE Symposium on Computers andCommunication (ISCC), Cappadocia, Turkey
Date Published1-4 July
KeywordsFEC, LTE, MBMS

A crucial point on the successful deployment of
multicast services is the enhanced reliability by means of advanced
error control schemes. To this direction Third Generation
Partnership Project (3GPP) has standardized exclusively for
Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Services (MBMS) the use of a
Forward Error Correction (FEC) mechanism on the application
layer based on Raptor codes. Since the standardized systematic,
fountain Raptor code is now considered obsolete, the emergence
of a new variant of Raptor codes, named RaptorQ, provides
enhanced capabilities for mobile multicast services. In this paper,
we provide a performance comparison of the standardized
Raptor Application Layer FEC (AL-FEC) scheme with the very
promising RaptorQ FEC code. We examine the enhancements
that RaptorQ introduces on the AL-FEC protection robustness,
providing a thorough performance analysis in comparison with
the current Raptor FEC scheme. Furthermore, in order to
verify the improved performance of RaptorQ, we provide several
simulation results utilizing the ns-3 environment, considering the
application of both the examined AL-FEC schemes over multicast
services for next generation mobile networks.