A web-based game for supporting game-based learning

TitleA web-based game for supporting game-based learning
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBouras, C, Kapoulas, V, Igglesis, V, Misedakis, I, Dziabenko, O, Pivec, M
Conference NameGAME-ON 2003, London, UK
Date Published19 - 21 November

Game-based learning has been recognized as an important
alternative or supplement to traditional in-class, face-to-face
teaching. It can help both adults and children in learning new
concepts, acquiring expertise and practicing knowledge.
Although game-based learning has been applied mainly for
teaching children, it can be quite helpful for adult vocational
or university learning. In this paper, a web-based game is
presented, which has been developed for enhancing the
learning experience of university students. Its goal is to
serve as a complement to classes, although it can be used
independently. It provides the students with many ways for
communicating (synchronously or asynchronously) and
acquiring information. Through the use of the game, the
students gain easily new knowledge, since they have to
search for it, understand it and use it in discussions with
other students, who are members of other teams. The game
is played by many users simultaneously. Microsoft’s
ASP.NET scripting environment was used for creating the
game’s website. The website utilizes also Macromedia’s
communication technology (Flash Communication Server
MX) for enabling real-time communication by several means
(voice, text, etc). Flash was used in the website for building
the real-time communication modules as well as for creating
a more elegant user interface. The game platform can be
used by many teachers simultaneously for running different
game themes. It also gives the opportunity to visitors to
watch games as spectators.