Virtual European School-VES

TitleVirtual European School-VES
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsBouras, C, Kapoulas, V, Koubek, A, Fotakis, D, Mayer, H, Rehatscheck, H
Conference NameIEEE Multimedia Systems'99, Special Session on European Projects, Florence, Italy
Date Published7 - 11 June

The Virtual European School (VES) is an ongoing
European project - funded by the Educational Multimedia
Task Force Initiative of the European Union - with the
aim to develop a comprehensive on-line resource of
teaching material for secondary school education. The
system will be fed by a group of smaller publishing houses
from different European countries (Austria, Italy, Greece,
Great Britain) specialised in educational material. The
offer will contain multimedia material, CBT products, and
also additional background materials, such as passages
from schoolbooks, or Internet resources. The technical
structure of the VES system will be based on Internet
technologies, with interconnected VES servers in each
participating region. The multimedia material will be
stored in a database, with multi-lingual annotations for
each project. There exist three user groups within the
VES: publishers, teachers and pupils.