Virtual Collaboration Spaces: The EVE Community

TitleVirtual Collaboration Spaces: The EVE Community
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBouras, C, Tsiatsos, T, Giannaka, E
Conference NameThe 2003 Symposium on Applications & the Internet- SAINT-2003, Orland, Florida
Date Published27 - 31 January

An Educational Virtual Environment (EVE) is an
instance of a Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE),
which focalises in providing collaborative, as well as
educational, functionalities, such as synchronous and
asynchronous e-learning services. This paper describes
such an educational virtual community, which aims to
meet the requirements of a virtual collaboration space
and furthermore to support e-learning services. In
particular, we are developing a web-based system, which
allows users to communicate with the other members of
the community through forums, chat, e-mail, to schedule
events which take place in the learning environment and
to join, and even create, courses, which are held in 3D
multi-user worlds where users are represented by avatars.
These characteristics offer extended functionalities such
as support of application sharing and voice chat,
transmission of the educational material as well as
transmission of the users’ profiles to the other community
members. We describe the model of this community and
the functionalities that it provides.