Today's Stories

TitleToday's Stories
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsBouras, C, Kapoulas, V, Konidaris, A, Sevasti, A, Panayi, M, Roy, D, Bernsen, N, Velde, W, Klaff, J, Cakmakci, O, Paepe, K, Lassbo, G, Hakvoort, I, Beach, D, Barlev, Y, Aviram, A, Neofotistos, G
Conference Namei3 Conference, Sienna, Italy
Date Published22 - 24 October

Research frameworks are being developed that involve very
young children in the process of development of future technologies. Children,
their teachers and parents from schools in Israel and Denmark are coming together
with researchers, educationalists, psychologists, designers and technologists
to develop a wearable technology for educational use- the KidsCam.
This example of a hyper-camera will facilitate and support the development of
social, communicative and emotional skills in the context of the everyday activities
of children. It is envisioned that such digital technology will become
embedded in educational culture and create opportunities for shared reflection
on early life experiences. Integral to the work is the development of an ethically
theorized and ethically led practical framework to consider the issues that
surround the development and deployment of new technology by and for children.
These will include issues of appropriateness, need and value. A series of
interactive presentations will be used to illustrate both the work in progress
and the vision of the project.