Resource-Efficient Decoupling in Ultra-Dense 5G Networks

TitleResource-Efficient Decoupling in Ultra-Dense 5G Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBouras, C, Kokkinos, V, Michos, E
Conference NameInternational Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications (ISNCC' 19) - Wireless and Mobile Networks
Date PublishedJune 18-20

The evolution of 5G mobile networks is expected to be comprised of small cell deployments within spitting distance of existing macrocell infrastructures. The small cells adoption, which promises to offer an economical solution for improved coverage and data rate, appears to be the key factor at improving network cooperation and system performance. In this paper, we evaluate the User-Centric model for 5G networks, targeted at improving communication between user terminal and Base Stations across all layers. We suggest a cost-effective, resource-aware method for improved mobile outdoor coverage and overall network capacity while fully respecting the user’s Quality of Service, by decoupling the overall network into downlink and uplink networks. The proposed algorithm determines how the network users in both networks will efficiently connect to a Base Station. The network performances are evaluated in terms of data rates enhancements, association outcome and preservation of the Quality of Service for each user. Our low-complexity algorigthm ultimately manages to serve the vast majority of the users placed inside an ultra-dense network and achieve perfect preservation of Quality of Service, regardless of the number of active users.