Pricing priority services over DiffServ – enabled transport networks

TitlePricing priority services over DiffServ – enabled transport networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBouras, C, Sevasti, A
Conference Name6th International Symposium on Communication Interworking(Interworking 2002), Perth, Australia
Date Published13 - 16 October

The rapid evolution of the DiffServ framework in our days has provided the means for efficient QoS provisioning over contemporary IP networks. The provisioning of services according to the DiffServ framework has in turn raised the requirements for pricing mechanisms that preserve the potential and flexibility of the DiffServ framework. At the same time, such mechanisms should reflect resource usage, allocate resources efficiently, reimburse costs or maximize service provision profits and lead customers to requesting services that will maximize their revenue. This work proposes a policy for pricing based on resource allocation of a particular category of DiffServ-based services for aggregated traffic in the case of transport networks. Our research takes into account the particularities that apply to the case of DiffServ services’ provision over transport networks while imposing minimal overload and a-priori estimation of costs.