An online tool on sustainable water management

TitleAn online tool on sustainable water management
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBouras, C, Kokkinos, V, Michos, E
JournalTourism: An International Interdisciplinary Journal, Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia, 2020
Volume68, Νο4

Water demand strains supply capacity in the Mediterranean coastal areas, affecting negatively the maintenance of natural and cultural heritage. Tackling this subject, the “Coastal areas sustainable tourism water management in the Mediterranean - CASTWATER” project aims to support sustainable tourism water management in Mediterranean (MED) coastal areas, by improving the monitoring and assessment of the water sustainability performance of tourism. To this end, the elaboration of an online tool to monitor and assess sustainable tourism water management was envisaged and developed, primarily addressed to tourism sector small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The CASTWATER online tool was designed to so as to provide two different functionalities. On the one hand, SMEs can self-evaluate their performance in sustainable water management and efficiently acknowledge possible actions that promote water efficiency in their tourism establishments. On the other hand, the tool measures, at both regional and local level, the levels of good governance and the effectiveness of water-tourism policies in order to improve sustainable water management. The approach presented in this work is heavily based on the initial technical specifications and end-user feedback, aiding SMEs in understanding, comparing, assessing and rating their performance regarding water efficiency and sustainable water manag