Mobility - aware Power Control in MBSFN

TitleMobility - aware Power Control in MBSFN
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAsimakis, K, Bouras, C, Kokkinos, V, Papazois, A
JournalTelecommunications Systems, Springer Verlang (Special Issue on WMNC 2012)

Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) over a Single Frequency Network (MBSFN) within LTE systems is a feature that allows synchronous broadcasting of common data among neighboring cells. With MBSFN operation, mobile broadcast/multicast users are able to use inter-cell interference in a constructive way and to achieve increased bit-rates compared to when conventional broadcasting is used. In this manuscript, we present our work on the optimization of the power control for future mobile networks that employ MBSFN transmission. We propose a novel simulator and system optimizer that can minimize the individual cell's transmission power by taking into account the changing positions of users. The system optimizer is based on a novel genetic algorithm, which is resistant to entrapment in local optima and makes use of mutations over the previous solutions in order to optimize
the power consumption given the new users' positions. The optimizer's engine can be used in conjunction with the simulator or can be easily modied to receive real-time measurements from a real LTE network as an input. In order
to read descriptions of the various scenarios, the simulator uses the eXtendable Temporal Network Description Language (XTNDL), a language that is also specied in this manuscript.