The Information and Communication Technologies in Education

TitleThe Information and Communication Technologies in Education
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsBouras, C, Philopoulos, A, Fotakis, D
Conference Name3rd Open Classroom Conference, Balatonfured, Hungary
Date Published25 - 26 March

In the majority of the advanced countries there are many educational school networks and even more and
more schools are getting equipped with multimedia computers and connected to the Internet. Through the
advancements of the personal computer and the Internet, the school of the future will find new strengths
in both personalised and community learning environments. The prevailing perspective for the
introduction of the Information and Communication Technologies can be characterised as the “computer
as a tool”. However, as with all tools, effective use of the technology is embedded within practices and
activities that realise its functionality for specific purposes and situations. On the other hand, the
investigation of the relationship between practices, purposes, and situations and computer-based
learning technologies is a major topic on pedagogic research.