Improving and Utilizating Web and Data Interaction

TitleImproving and Utilizating Web and Data Interaction
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsBouras, C, Kapoulas, V, Konidaris, A, Sevasti, A
Conference NameThe 1999 International Symposium on Database, Web and Cooperative Systems-DWACOS 99, Baden-Baden, Germany
Date Published3 - 4 August

Web and Database Interaction is one of the growing trends in Web-site creation. This
interaction can facilitate the needs of the online community in various ways. Until now
databases were only used to hold large amounts of information needed for certain
applications. Many of these applications are nowadays Web-based. The constant interaction
that is needed by them is very demanding in terms of computer resources. In this paper we
propose a technique that can reduce the amount of resources needed to run these demanding
applications. We also introduce an alternative model according to which databases can be
used for many other purposes in the process of Web and Database interaction.