HY-MOST: HYpermedia MOdel for Synchronised presenTations

TitleHY-MOST: HYpermedia MOdel for Synchronised presenTations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsBouras, C, Spirakis, P, Moiras, D, Ouzounis, V, Antoniou, I
Conference Name3rd Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems, Southampton, UK
Date Published6 - 11 April

A brief abstract. In this paper we present a new model for
hypermedia presentations. This model is based on an
HTML-like language which provides the necessary modules
for the intermedia synchronisation of the inline media that
comprise the hypermedia document. The model also enables
a distributed approach in the storage of the hypermedia
documents. Additionally, it is capable of incorporating the
necessary protocols needed for the real-time delivery of
continuous media such as audio and video.