A Framework Model for DVEs using SIMUL8

TitleA Framework Model for DVEs using SIMUL8
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBouras, C, Tsiatsos, T, Giannaka, E
Conference NameSecond International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques - SIMUTools 2009, Rome, Italy
Date Published3 - 6 March

Distributed Virtual Environment systems simulate the behaviour
and activities of a great number of users interacting in a virtual
world over a wide area network. The sizes of the virtual worlds
and the tremendous number of users that DVEs are called to
support require additional bandwidth and computational
resources. For handling these growing requirements a lot of work
has been done both to the direction of alternative architectural
solutions as well as to techniques and algorithms for handling the
limitations of these environments. For supporting large-scale
DVEs, extended infrastructure is needed in terms of both
hardware and software. However, both researchers and
application designers do not always have access to such extended
infrastructure and the assessment and evaluation of developed
techniques becomes extremely difficult. To this direction, this
paper presents a simulation modelling tool for networked servers
DVEs that could be used by designers for simulating the
performance of their approaches under different scenarios