An Educational Community Using Collaborative Virtual Environments

TitleAn Educational Community Using Collaborative Virtual Environments
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBouras, C, Tsiatsos, T, Psaltoulis, D, Psaroudis, C
Conference Name1st International Conference on Web-based Learning, Hong Kong, China
Date Published17 - 19 August

The use of Collaborative Virtual Environments in e-learning is one of
the most promising uses of the virtual reality technology. While a lot of
research has been done in the area of collaborative virtual environments
corresponding to the sharing of events, very little research has been done on
specific services and functionality. However both the requirements and the kind
of the offered services affect significantly the design of a system. In this paper
we present an Educational Community to support e-learning services using
Collaborative Virtual Environments from both the technical and functional
point of view.