Design and Implementation of a Game Based Learning Related Community

TitleDesign and Implementation of a Game Based Learning Related Community
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBouras, C, Kapoulas, V, Poulopoulos, V, Antonellis, I
Conference NameIADIS International Conference, Web Based Communities 2005, Algarve, Portugal
Date Published23 - 25 February

A web-based community aims at providing communication and collaboration tools to a special interest group. This paper describes the functionality and architecture issues of a community which aims to bring together users who are interested in the field of game based learning and lifelong learning. The architecture and implementation issues of the platform developed are analyzed and their exact use is explained. More specifically the members of the community are provided with tools in order to share their knowledge and experience in game based learning through enhanced forums and chats, to read news or receive a newsletter concerning the aforementioned issue, arrange meetings, and make use of shared spaces. All these services are enhanced in order to meet the needs of this special interest group which is unique as it includes the collaboration of game developers, pedagogues and simple users. Furthermore, we describe a methodology to build a fully functional community with tools for communication and collaboration starting from a simple template and using core content management techniques.