Bandwidth on Demand over Carrier Grade Ethernet Equipment

TitleBandwidth on Demand over Carrier Grade Ethernet Equipment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBouras, C, Stamos, K, Spuropoulou, T-K
Conference NameThe Twelfth International Conference on Networks (ICN 2013), Seville, Spain
Date PublishedJanuary 27 - February 1

This paper presents the prototype implementation of
a Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) service over equipment using
Carrier Grade Ethernet. The BoD multi-domain service is
based on AutoBAHN (Automated Bandwidth Allocation across
Heterogeneous Networks) software. The paper describes the
steps that have taken place for designing and implementing a
prototype technology proxy that is able to match the Carrier
Grade Ethernet equipment with AutoBAHN, based on the
implementations of the relevant standards and technologies by
Extreme Networks. The equipment in particular is comprised
of BlackDiamond 12804 switches, running ExtremeXOS
version 12. The paper demonstrates how a suitable testbed can
be created and utilized and how a new technology at the data
plane can be supported by a Bandwidth on Demand tool.