An Adaptive Weighted Online AL -FEC Algorithm over Mobile Multicas Networks

TitleAn Adaptive Weighted Online AL -FEC Algorithm over Mobile Multicas Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBouras, C, Kanakis, N
Conference NameIEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, Istanbul, Turkey
Date PublishedApril 6 - 9

A crucial point on the delivery of multicast content over mobile multicast networks is the utilization of Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes on the application layer (AL-FEC) so as to introduce robustness against arbitrary erasures on different recipients without the need of inefficient common error control methods based on data retransmission. FEC is a feedback free error recovery method where the sender introduces redundant data in advance with the source data enabling the recipients to recover from different arbitrary packet losses. The main issue on the efficient application of AL-FEC protection is the adaptation of the introduced redundancy to the current network conditions, in order to avoid network resources wastage ensuring at the same time sufficient transmission robustness. Based on this, in this work we present an adaptive weighted online algorithm aiming at the efficient application of RaptorQ AL-FEC codes over mobile multicast services. The proposed algorithm adapts the introduced AL-FEC transmission overhead exploiting at first the reception reports ability defined by several mobile multicast standards and thereafter the performance properties of the newly introduced RaptorQ FEC codes. We introduce the competitive framework of the efficient application of AL-FEC protection over mobile multicast networks, in the context of which, we design and analyze the adaptive online weighted algorithm and we further provide a series of simulation results to analyze the performance of the proposed scheme.