Technical Consulting in Constructing Metropolitan Area Wireless Networks in the Region of Western Greece

Technical Consultant of Wireless Local Area Networks
'Information Society' Operational Program
Delegate Organization: 
Project period: 
Monday, May 1, 2006 to Thursday, December 31, 2009

The objective of the project is the provision of specialized technical support for the implementation of wireless local area networks in several municipalities mainly in the Region of Western Greece. The technical support is provided to the Local Authorities that are the contractors of the Call 105 of the Measure 4.3 of the Info-society Operational Program. RU6 will provide technical support for the development of wireless local area networks in the following municipalities: Ancient Olympia, Kalavruta, Efpalio, Anaktorio, Skillounta, Gastouni, Vartholomio and Messatida.

In particular, RU6 will work on conducting the studies of network?s design and architecture and supervising the technical part of the construction of the wireless local area networks.

The major target of the mentioned networks is to interconnect the buildings of the public sector in each municipality in advantage of the citizens of the above municipalities.