Study of usage and impact of GRNET-2’s network

Study of usage and impact of GRNET-2’s network
Information Society
Project period: 
Monday, December 5, 2005 to Monday, June 5, 2006

During this project, a full record of the usage of GRNET’s network by the Academic and Research community will be done. Also, the impact of the network to the final users will be investigated. For the latter, the development of the network during 2000-2005, the network services, the usage statistics and the model of the Virtual Network Operation Center (VNOC) will be taken into account. Additionally, the project will make an advisability study for further development of GRNET’s network, taking into account the special characteristics of Educational and Research Networks, the technological tendencies, the needs of Greek’s academic community and the characteristics of local telecommunication market. Finally, the project will conclude to the design, technological and operational parameters of GRNET’s next generation’s network that will be based on optical technologies.