An Integrated Project that intends to research, develop and implement a new architecture so as to provide users with a richer variety of entertainment experience

Games @ Large
Integrated Project (IP-FP6)
European Union
Delegate Organization: 
Project period: 
Friday, September 1, 2006 to Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Games at Large (Games@Large) being an Integrated Project (IP) intends to research, develop and implement a new architecture to provide users with a richer variety of entertainment experience in their entire house, hotel room, cruise ships and Internet Cafe incorporating unprecedented ubiquitous game-play. The project evolved from the home environment to other local Focus Areas (FA) in consideration of the benefit such FA may gain based on Games@Large unique technology approach. The Integrated Project includes activities of TV Multimedia and Gaming using Enhanced Media Extender, Local Processing and Storage Server(s), Handheld Devices and Local Wireless Network. Games@Large intends to enhance the existing DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and the UPnP Forum standards with the unique set of features required for running games over a local network, like all other media and content types (video, audio). The proposed project intends to investigate research and develop the Games@Large infrastructure in order to enable the Games to diversify from dedicated appliances and a single corner of the house, to any place at home such as the TV in the living room, the hand-held device or any other device with a relevant screen, controls and connectivity. The project will also provide the required infrastructure for running games on the hotel's guest room TV or on small screens for people sitting in the Internet Cafe, cruse ships, trains or airplanes. Creating a new paradigm in the delivery of games over broadband connectivity needs to be balanced well to cater for the needs and goals of all parties involved. The project will be exposed to the main Telecom Market in Europe by T-Online & Portugal Telecom in Brazil and Latin America by Portugal Telecom through its subsidiary located in San Paulo and in North America and Asia by Exent. Promoting the Games@Large solutions in a different cultural context will foster new market opportunities to the European industry. The project will also get exposed to the hotel industry, Internet cafe operators and Cruise Ship Operators.