Broadband: Promotion, Demonstration, Strategies, Best Practices

INTERREG Broadband
European Commission
Delegate Organization: 
Project period: 
Monday, January 1, 2007 to Monday, June 30, 2008

The objective of the project is the exchange of experiences and know-how on broadband issues. Furthermore the transition of relative know-how, specially to small and medium enterprises and the promotion of broadband via the installation of public Wi-Fi hot spots, for the creation of demonstrative wireless network around the areas of installation and the broadband interconnection of this wireless network with the Internet, as well as via the development of a portal about broadband, which will aim at the promotion of broadband but also the provision of broadband content. In addition, among the objectives of this project is the investigation of models and strategies that can be adopted for the further promotion of broadband in the collaborating countries. To this direction, the project will investigate international and interregional elements by comparing concrete indicators that are related to broadband so as to conclude on the factors and the indicators that influence considerably the penetration of broadband for the households and enterprises, as well as the evaluation of international experience in regard to the strategies, the basic factors and the best practices that are related to the expand of broadband services. Finally, the project will investigate models for the growth and exploitation of broadband infrastructures.