Winds of Aiolos: How connect the Greek Schools in Internet

TitleWinds of Aiolos: How connect the Greek Schools in Internet
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsBouras, C, Paraskevas, M, Ganos, P, Adamopoulos, N, Karaiskakis, D
Conference NameTowards the e-learning Community, Bolton International Conference, Bolton, UK
Date Published19 - 20 October

In this paper, we present the first Greek School Network, which is implemented by the project
"Winds of Aiolos”. This project is subsumed in the framework of the European Community
Action "Operational Program for the Education and Initial Vocational Training - Odysseia".
Computer Technology Institute (CTI) has the responsibility for the design and the
implementation of the project. On the basis of the influence of the networking technologies to
the educational activities and according to the international experience, the usage of the
network to the educational procedure acts as knowledgeable object, information source,
learning tool and communication tool. The main object of the project is the implementation of
a network infrastructure for the interconnection of school laboratories and educational
administration offices and the provision of network services in a wide range. It forms a closed
educational network, which is based on the Greek educational and research backbone network
(GRNET). The Greek school network statistics show that the students prefer the Greek
Domain. The educational units of the Greek School Network still act more as consumers than
as creators in the information society.