Using Open Source to Building and Accessing Learning Objects and Online Courses

TitleUsing Open Source to Building and Accessing Learning Objects and Online Courses
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBouras, C, Nani, M
Book TitleOpen Source for Knowledge and LearningManagement: Strategies beyond Tools
Pagination 268 - 298
PublisherIDEA Group Publishing

As e-learning continuously gains the interest of the scientific community, industry, and government, a wide variety of learning technology products have been incorporated into the marketplace. Advances in information and communication technologies are in favor of the incorporation of innovative services and functionalities in such systems, though content creation and delivery remain the two key factors in any e-learning system. Therefore, in this chapter, we present the design and implementation of a tool targeted at building and accessing learning objects and online courses through the Web. This tool aims to facilitate instructors and trainers to easily develop accessible, reusable, and traceable learning content that can meet their distant students? needs for anytime and anyplace learning. Learners are able to access learning content, in addition to consulting, at any time, reports on their interactions within a course and get support by subject experts. Furthermore, all users can request to upgrade their role in the system and, thus, actively participate in the learning process. Special attention has been paid on the utilization of reliable and qualitative open source technologies and Web standards so that the proposed solution can form an easily accessible system.