Techno-economic comparison of MIMO and DAS cost models in 5G networks

TitleTechno-economic comparison of MIMO and DAS cost models in 5G networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBouras, C, Kokkalis, S, Kollia, A, Papazois, A
JournalWireless Networks, Springer Verlang

High communicational standards have been set for the 5G mobile networks. Therefore, it is of great importance that technological solutions that include all the significant features, such as the high coverage and capacity and low round-trip delays, are adopted for the next generation of mobile networks. Except for their technical efficiency, these technologies should be profitable for providers as well. As a result, the need for limiting the costs spent for the development of these technologies emerges. In this papers, four models two for each one of the two solutions for 5G networks are developed, namely the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and the Distributed Antenna System. The architectural models assumed for the techno-economic analyses are presented. The mathematical models for both technologies are developed. Experiments are conducted using prices of the Greek market and also Sensitivity Analysis (SA) is used to pinpoint, which cost parameters are the most expensive ones and therefore it is likely that they discourage providers to invest in them. To our knowledge there are not many studies comparing and contrasting these technologies and there is no SA for MIMO. Therefore, it is considered that research for these models is of vital importance for the next generation of mobile communication networks, as they are foundation stonesfor the formation of 5G.