Techno-economic analysis of MIMO & DAS in 5G

TitleTechno-economic analysis of MIMO & DAS in 5G
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBouras, C, Kokkalis, S, Kollia, A, Papazois, A
Conference Name11th IFIP Wireless and Mobile Conference, Prague, Chech Rebuplic

2020 will be the year, in which 5G is going to be put into operation, therefore, it is fundamental that all enabling technologies are analyzed in a technical and economic way. The business sector is not very favorable in investing into novel technologies. In this paper, authors propose a techno-economic model for the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) tech- nology and compare it to the previously developed model for the Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Firstly, the experimentation models are analyzed. Secondly, the mathematical models are presented and the specific parameters are opted. Several experiments help comparing and contrasting the two different technologies. There are not many works concerning the technoeconomic perspectives of MIMO comparing it with the DAS, this research contributes in this direction.