A Study of Multicast Congestion Control for UMTS

TitleA Study of Multicast Congestion Control for UMTS
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBouras, C, Alexiou, A, Papazois, A
JournalInternational Journal of Communication Systems, Wiley InterScience
Pagination 739 - 754
KeywordsCongestion Control, MBMS, UMTS

In this paper, we study the applicability of multicast congestion control over universal mobile telecommunications
system (UMTS) networks. We analyze two well-known multicast congestion control schemes
for fixed networks, namely TCP-friendly multicast congestion control and pragmatic general multicast
congestion control. We investigate their behavior when they are employed in UMTS networks and we
analyze the problems arose when these mechanisms are applied over the wireless links of the UMTS
terrestrial radio-access network. Additionally, we propose necessary improvements to these legacy schemes
and explain the necessity of these modifications. The proposed schemes are implemented in the ns-2
network simulator and are evaluated under various network conditions and topologies. Finally, we measure
the performance of the proposed modified schemes and compare them with the corresponding legacy