A study of Forward Error Correction for Mobile Multicast

TitleA study of Forward Error Correction for Mobile Multicast
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBouras, C, Alexiou, A, Papazois, A
JournalInternational Journal of Communication Systems, Wiley InterScience
Pagination 607 - 627
KeywordsFEC, MBMS, Power Control, UMTS

3GPP has standardized the use of forward error correction for the provision of reliable data transmission in the mobile multicast framework. This error control method inevitably adds a constant overhead in the transmitted data. However, it is so simple as to meet a prime objective for mobile multicast services; that is scalability to applications with thousands of receivers. In this paper we present a study on the impact of application layer forward error correction. We examine whether it is beneficial or not, how the optimal code dimension varies based on network conditions, which parameters affect the optimal code selection, and how they achieve this. Additionally, we focus on one of the most critical aspects in mobile multicast transmission which is power control. The evaluation is performed with the aid of a novel scheme that incorporates the properties of an evolved mobile network, as they are determined by the 3GPP specifications.