Smooth Multicast Congstion Control for Adaptive Multimedia Transmission

TitleSmooth Multicast Congstion Control for Adaptive Multimedia Transmission
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBouras, C, Gkamas, A, Kioumourtzis, G
Conference Name4th Conference on NEXT GENERATION INTERNET NETWORKS (NGI 2008), Krakow, Poland
Date Published28 - 30 April

In this paper we introduce an equation-based
smooth multicast congestion control for adaptive multimedia
transmission over best-effort wired networks. Target of the
proposed schema is (a) smooth transmission rate, in order to
minimize the Audio-Video (AV) encoding and decoding
distortion and (b) TCP friendly transmission. The “smoothness”
lays in the way the TCP-Friendly transmission rate is filtered.
We integrate the congestion control functions in the RTP
protocol and use the RTCP sender and receiver reports to
provide the necessary feedback information for the sender?s
adaptive transmission rate. The performance evaluation of the
smooth adaptation and TCP-friendliness is conducted through a
number of simulations with the network simulator software
(ns2). Our intention is to use this congestion control in the context
of a proposed framework for multimedia transmission over wired
and wireless networks.