Science parks and regional innovation performance in fiscal austerity era: Less in more

TitleScience parks and regional innovation performance in fiscal austerity era: Less in more
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGkypali, A, Kokkinos, V, Bouras, C, Tsekouras, K
JournalSpecial Issue on GCW 2014, Small Business Economics, Springer Verlang
Date PublishedAugust 2016

European financial crisis has raised questions about the sustainability and the contribution of innovation anchors especially in Southern European countries such as Greece. This paper utilizes the concept of regional innovation systems (RISs) and introduces a methodological approach that allows for evaluating an Science and Technology Park’s (STP) contribution into the corresponding RIS performance, taking into consideration (1) the RIS idiosyncrasies, (2) the dominant role of government expenditures on R&D and (3) the underlying complexity of knowledge production and management, under alternative sets of restrictions imposed by fiscal consolidation on the preferences of authorities which design and implement Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policies. Our framework relies on the estimation of a multi-input–multi-output latent knowledge production function approach and the corresponding efficiency indices. Data requirements are sourced from the Regional Innovation Scoreboard, for the four Greek regions and from a small-scale case study, with respect to the examined regional STP covering the period from 2000 to 2012. The main empirical findings highlight that the contribution of the examined STP in the corresponding RIS performance diminishes alongside with the decrease in GERD investment levels, with respect to all the efficiency indices. These findings are attributed to the structural characteristics of both the RIS and the STP under investigation, and capture their dependence on managing public financial resources for STI activities.