Run-time Management Policies for Data Intensive Web sites

TitleRun-time Management Policies for Data Intensive Web sites
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsBouras, C, Konidaris, A
Conference NameInternational Workshop on Web Dynamics (In conjuction with the 8th International Conference on Database Theory), London, UK
Date Published3 January

Web developers have been concerned with the issues of Web latency and Web data consistency
for many years. These issues have become more important in our days since the accurate and
imminent dissemination of information is vital to businesses and individuals that rely on the
Web. In this paper, we evaluate different run-time management policies against real Web site
data. We first define the meaning of data intensive Web sites and categorize them according to
their hit patterns. Our research relies on real world Web data collected from various popular Web
sites and proxy log files. We propose a Web site run-time management policy that may apply to
various real Web site hit patterns and Web data update frequencies.