Resource management in 5G femtocell networks

TitleResource management in 5G femtocell networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBouras, C, Diles, G
Conference Name10th International Conference on Broadband and Wireless Computing, Communication and Apllications (BWCCA 2015), Krakow, Poland
Date PublishedNovember 4 - 6

Small cells are expected to contribute to the targets of next generation mobile networks. Ultra dense networks through the form of heterogeneous structures of multiple RAT technologies and small cells present a flexible, economical way for better coverage and data rates. In this paper, we investigate particularly how femtocells may best utilize their available resources in order to increase their provided capacity when neighbouring femtocells are present. We propose a spectrum policy, according to which femtocell deployments are forming clusters and the femtocells adopt hybrid access policy versus users subscribed to other femtocells members of the same cluster. We also determine the spectrum allocation for non-subscribed users in the range of the femtocell. We evaluate the performance of the set up through simulations showing that the mechanism offers better overall capacity.