Pricing QoS over transport networks

TitlePricing QoS over transport networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBouras, C, Sevasti, A
JournalInternet Research: Electronic Networking, Applications and Policy, Emerald, Volume 14, Number 2
Pagination 167 - 174

In recent years, a number of alternatives for service
differentiation and QoS provision have been proposed and
standardized in communication networks. In the case of backbone
networks the DiffServ architecture has prevailed, due to its
scalability and deployment feasibility. The provisioning of
differentiated services has raised the requirements for
interdependent controlled resource allocation and service
pricing, with particular needs for pricing mechanisms that
preserve the potential and flexibility of the DiffServ framework.
At the same time, such mechanisms should reflect resource
usage, allocate resources efficiently, reimburse costs or maximize
service provision profits and lead customers to requesting
services that will maximize their revenue. Presents the key issues
involved in the area of pricing DiffServ-based services and the
research work carried out in this field, while at the same time
outlining the basic principles that such a pricing infrastructure
should obey with respect to the particularities that apply to the
case of DiffServ services provision.