Performance Analysis of a Managed Bandwidth Service for ATM Networks

TitlePerformance Analysis of a Managed Bandwidth Service for ATM Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBouras, C, Kapoulas, V, Panagopoulos, A, Sevasti, A, Chantzi, C, Sampraku, I
Conference NameCommunication Networks and Distributed Systems Modeling and Simulation Conference (CNDS 2002), Riverwalk North, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Date Published27 - 31 January

In this paper we are considering methods to improve the performance
of a bandwidth control scheme (i.e. Managed Bandwidth
Service) for an ATM network infrastructure (with application to the
Greek Research and Technology Network - GRNET). These methods
try to increase the efficiency of the system and the utilisation of
the available bandwidth. More specifically, we consider: a) a
bandwidth-resizing algorithm for virtual paths in order to (constantly)
keep the allocated bandwidth very close to the bandwidth
actually used, b) a simple method to estimate the effective bandwidth
for VBR paths that can be used in call admission, and c) a
semi-offline call admission scheme where requests are gathered and
considered for acceptance in regular intervals (with a further improvement,
of allowing connections to be allocated a little before or
after the time initially requested). All these methods were tested in
a simulation setting (with the ATM-TN simulator), and results indicate
that they lead to an increased number of accepted requests and
better network utilisation.