Multimedia Architecture offering Open Distance Learning Services over Internet

TitleMultimedia Architecture offering Open Distance Learning Services over Internet
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsBouras, C, Spirakis, P, Lampsas, P, Zarafidis, P, Bazaios, A, Zoura, A
Conference Name5th IEEE International Conference on Telecommunications - ICT 98, Chalkidiki, Greece, Vol. 4
Date Published22 - 25 June

The increase in the use of the Internet not only as a
repository of resources for learning but also as a
means for the delivery of courses and specially
prepared teaching material is a particularly
significant innovation in the range of education.
The main concept here is a Virtual class, which is
based on the principles of CSCL (Computer
Supported Collaborative Learning) systems. This
paper describes an integrated, WWW based
platform for the development of web enabled
environments over TCP/IP networks, such as
Internet. This platform is designated through a
Teletraining and Collaborative Learning
Application. The proposed platform aspires to be
an efficient solution for a group of students and
teachers that need a shared workspace, supporting
remote interactive lectures, flexible exchange of
teaching material and various communication
utilities, with focus on transparent and secure