Multi - domain Information Exchange in a Bandwidth on Demand Tool

TitleMulti - domain Information Exchange in a Bandwidth on Demand Tool
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAdam, G, Bouras, C, Kalligeros, I-Christos, Stamos, K, Zaoudis, G
JournalJournal of Networks, Academy Publishers
Volume9, No. 5

Abstract—In this paper we describe the multi-domain information exchange aspects of the AutoBAHN tool, which
is used for implementing a Bandwidth on Demand service as part of the GEANT project. This project was driven by the increasing demand for reliable and guaranteed data transportation for scientific purposes. In order to implement the process of information exchange in a multidomain heterogeneous environment several design decisions have to take place, in order to balance and satisfy by the needs of information security, fast information dissemination, efficient request processing, reliability and robustness. The paper describes how AutoBAHN implements a flexible AAI in a distributed environment, how it exchanges and updates information and how it handles incoming requests in an efficient and timely manner. The multi-domain aspect of this effort stems from the fact that the tool is used in the production environment of several cooperating National Research and Educational Networks (NRENs) across Europe. Each NREN may have different underlying technologies, different policies and different use cases, but they all have to coordinate through usage of the AutoBAHN tool in order to produce a multidomain service of circuit reservation.