MRP II-based Production Management Using Intelligent Decision Making

TitleMRP II-based Production Management Using Intelligent Decision Making
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSofotassios, D, Spirakis, P, Triantafillou, V, Hatzilygeroudis, I, Dendris, N, Tsakalidis, A
Book TitleAdvanced Models and Methods for Production Planning, Editors. A. Drexl, A. Kimms
Pagination 379 - 412
PublisherSpringer Verlag

This paper presents an extended MRP II-based production management system (PMS), which improves the traditional MRP II paradigm by attaching an intelligent decision supporting system (IDSS) to it. The IDSS is attached to the lowest level of the PMS, namely the production activity control (PAC) subsystem, and includes a simulator, that imitates real system behaviour, a knowledge-based component, that imitates expert reasoning, and a real-time database manager, that acts as the data pool and the communication gate between them. The IDSS is capable of performing off-line and on-line rescheduling, thus resulting in more realistic short-term plans. Analysis of the related case problem and implementation of the system are also discussed.