MAES_GR: A Web-Based, Spatially Enabled Field Survey Platform for the MAES Implementation in Greece

TitleMAES_GR: A Web-Based, Spatially Enabled Field Survey Platform for the MAES Implementation in Greece
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsKokoris, I, Kokkinos, V, Michos, E, Kalogeropoulos, R, Charalambides, M, Kounelis, A, Iliadou, E, Damianidis, CK, Mallinis, G, Bouras, C, Dimopoulos, P
JournalLand, MDPI 2021

This study presents a standardized approach to collecting, registering, and reporting field-survey data for baseline MAES (Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services) information in Greece. This is accomplished through a web-based platform (MAES_GR) exclusively developed under the relevant, nation-wide LIFE-IP 4 NATURA project. Based on the European Commission’s guidance for ecosystem condition (EC) and ecosystem services (ES) MAES studies, we conceptualized and structured an online platform to support EC and ES assessments, integrating all relevant fields of information needed for registering EC and ES parameters. A novel algorithm calculating EC was also developed and it is available as an integral part of the platform. The use of the MAES_GR platform was evaluated during nationwide field surveys efforts, increasing time efficiency and reducing costs. Field recording of EC and ES pinpoint spatial priorities for ecosystem restoration, conservation and sustainable development. This work highlights that MAES implementation can be favored by the use of technology tools such as mobile survey platforms, developed according to scientific needs and policy guidelines. Such tools, apart from the data inventory phase, can be used for data analysis, synthesis and extraction, providing timely, standardized information suitable for reporting at the local, regional, national and European Union scale.