Interference Management Strategy for 5G Femtocell Clusters

TitleInterference Management Strategy for 5G Femtocell Clusters
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBouras, C, Diles, G
JournalWireless Personal Communications, Springer Verlang

With the next generation of mobile networks closing in, its main characteristics have already been proposed and adapted. Ultra-dense heterogeneous networks seem to be one of the main drivers to answer the need for larger device connectivity and increased data rate. Multiple Base Stations with different specifications will be deployed to achieve these targets. Femtocells are a type of Base Station that is expected to dominate, due to their low cost and easy deployment and maintenance. However, trying to increase spectral efficiency with the use of femtocells, by multiple base stations utilizing the same spectrum will lead to severe interference phenomena. This can be tackled by sharing spectrum strategies and power control techniques. In this manuscript, we propose a full scheme of resource management that can be applied in instances of femtocell deployments of increased density. The mechanism is based on coordination among the femtocells to achieve better spectrum usage, on power control and on hybrid access configuration aiming to fairness in resource allocation and to the improvement of overall capacity. Conducted simulations showed that our algorithm increases the overall capacity, protects non-subscribed users and balances the hybrid access effect on subscribers.