Interference Behavior of Integrated Femto and Macrocell Environments

TitleInterference Behavior of Integrated Femto and Macrocell Environments
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBouras, C, Alexiou, A, Papazois, A, Kokkinos, V, Kontodimas, K
Conference NameIFIP Wireless Days 2011, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Date PublishedOctober 10 – 12
KeywordsFemtocell, LTE

Abstract—Femtocells are data access points installed by the
subscribers to provide better indoor voice and data coverage and
to increase system capacity. The integrated femtocell/macrocell
networks offer an efficient way to increase access capacity by
improving coverage and quality of service while on the other
side the deployment cost for the service provider is kept in
extremely low levels. One of the major technical challenges that
femtocell networks are facing is their interference behavior when
they are placed within macrocells. The study presented in this
paper focuses on the impact of integrating femtocells in macrocell
networks in terms of adjacent cell interference that the macrocell
environment adds to users served by a femto base station and
vice versa. To this direction, we have designed and implemented
a simulation testbed that estimates the cross-tier interference and
the throughput in every point of an integrated femtocell/macrocell
Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) network.