An Integrated Architecture for Supporting Vocational Training

TitleAn Integrated Architecture for Supporting Vocational Training
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBouras, C, Tsiatsos, T, Giannaka, E
Book TitleArchitecture Solutions for e-Learning Systems
Pagination 197 - 218
PublisherIDEA Group Publishing

E-learning and Web-based training have evolved over time from a newborn trend for complementing the learning process to a major form of education and training for supporting mainly geographically scattered users. The basic aim of this chapter is the description of a platform for open and distance training, which is mainly focused at supporting the needs of Vocational Training Centers as well as of institutions providing life-long adult training and learning. In particular, the issues that this chapter focuses on are vocational education and training characteristics and requirements, the current situation and technological trends in ICT-supported VET, the development framework and processes while it also proposes basic vocational training services and the system architecture of the integrated platform. The presented platform aims to provide services of both synchronous and asynchronous and collaborative distance learning.