Hermes Service: Distributed Hypermedia Educational Services on Demand

TitleHermes Service: Distributed Hypermedia Educational Services on Demand
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsBouras, C, Kapoulas, V, Spirakis, P, Moiras, D, Ouzounis, V, Antoniou, I, Karageorgopoylos, D
Conference NameED-MEDIA/ED-TELECOM 97, Calgary, Canada
Date Published14 - 19 Jne

In this paper we present a distributed HypERMEdia SERVICE
(HERMES SERVICE) which supports integrated capabilities for distance
education and learning purposes. Hermes service consists of hermes servers
and hermes browsers. The users are connected with the service using hermes
browsers and retrieve hypermedia lessons organised in thematical units. The
lessons are stored in various distributed Hermes servers which retrieve the
requested lesson and transmit it to the corresponding browser on on-demand
basis. The requested lesson is presented to the user according to a well defined
presentation scenario. The media objects are rendered in a synchronized
manner according to the spatio-temporal relationships existing among them.
Finally, special monitoring mechanism controls the state of the network and
adjusts the presentation process so as to improve presentation quality.