HANIME: An H - Anim Compliant Avatar Editor for NVEs

TitleHANIME: An H - Anim Compliant Avatar Editor for NVEs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBouras, C, Tsiatsos, T, Triglianos, V, Kartsakalis, K
Conference NameInternational Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, Angers, France
Date PublishedMay 17 - 21

This paper addresses the problem of a visual H-Anim avatar editor. Although H-Anim is a very promising
standard for interchangeable avatars and avatar?s animation, the lack of an effective yet simple to use visual
avatar editor could repel users from H-Anim compliant Networked Virtual Environments. Therefore this
paper presents an H-Anim compliant editor, called HanimE, for creating avatars for Networked Virtual
Environments. This editor is entirely based on a graphical user interface and allows users to customize H-
Anim avatars, in a simple yet effective manner. The avatars created by HanimE can be integrated in various
H-Anim compliant Networked Virtual Environments regardless of the technology they are built on, since
they are X3D files.