Framework for Dynamic and On-Demand QoS to Videoconference Session

TitleFramework for Dynamic and On-Demand QoS to Videoconference Session
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBouras, C, Gkamas, A, Primpas, D
Conference NameThe 2007 International Conference on Multimedia Systems and Applications (MSA07), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date Published25 - 28 June

This paper deals with the design and investigation of an approach for dynamic and on demand QoS on videoconference sessions for GRNET?s (Greek NREN) network. After the activation of QoS service in GRNET, a new need for automation of mechanisms for QoS in Videoconferencing session arises. The traditional QoS workflow inserts important administrative cost when a connected institute wants to have a videoconference service with specific QoS guaranties. In such case, the network administrator must manual configure the network?s edge routers. In order to overcome the above limitation, an “automatic” procedure for providing QoS guaranties to videoconference session was investigated. The result was an automatic solution that provides QoS using the QoS Policy Propagation via BGP mechanism for signaling. This automatic QoS deployment solution was tested successfully on the network and some performance measurement are presented in this paper.