A Framework for Cross - platform Mobile Web Applications Using HTML5

TitleA Framework for Cross - platform Mobile Web Applications Using HTML5
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBouras, C, Papazois, A, Stasinos, N
Conference Name2014 International Workshop on Mobile Applications (MobiApps 2014), Barcelona, Spain
Date PublishedAugust 27-29

In recent years the use of smart mobile devices has become an integral part of everyday life leading to the expansion of applications development for the various mobile platforms. Each of these platforms requires separate software development process, which subsequently increases dramatically the corresponding eort. With the emergence of
HTML5 these issues can be addressed eciently since application development is allowed in a cross-platform manner. An additional important benet is that users can access the application immediately without any need for installation. In this paper, we investigate the potentials of mobile application development with web technologies and we present
a development framework that utilizes the most important state-of-art web technologies for the support of mobile devices. This framework can be used for the implementation of mobile web applications and also for the investigation and experimentation on the main features that HTML5 oers for this specic type of devices.