Evolving AL-FEC application on 5G NGMN-Edge computing systems

TitleEvolving AL-FEC application on 5G NGMN-Edge computing systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBouras, C, Kanakis, N
JournalTechnology and Engineering Systems Journal, Special Issue on Multidisciplinary Sciences and Engineering (ASTEJS), Advances in Science

Fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) comes to cope with the context of the new mobile telecommunications era. Edge computing is a new collaborative technology under standardization utilizing end-user devices or near-end-user edge devices to operate processing, communication, or control operations. The achievement of efficient error control is a very critical aspect in the successful development of 5G Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN). Especially utilizing Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes on the application level is an efficient approach on improving error control on NGMN since it is adopted in several mobile multicast standards. FEC is a feedback free error control technique where redundant data are introduced with the source data to enable the recipient recovering from packet losses with an interesting approach on applying AL-FEC error protection introduces deterministic or randomized online algorithms. Based on this we present a novel online scheme on applying AL-FEC application on the context of the AL-FEC policy online problem. In this work we present an online algorithm based on feedback received from mobile end-users which adapts the introduced protection based on this. Another aspect of this work is the utilization of AL-FEC protection on the edge level based on RaptorQ FEC codes.