Efficient Summarization Based On Categorized Keywords

TitleEfficient Summarization Based On Categorized Keywords
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBouras, C, Poulopoulos, V, Tsogkas, V
Conference NameThe 2007 International Conference on Data Mining (DMIN07), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date Published25 - 28 June

The information that exists on the World Wide Web is enormous enough in order to distract the users when trying to find useful information. In order to overcome the large amounts of data many personalization and summarization mechanisms have been presented. In this paper we propose a mechanism that applies summarization techniques on articles extracted from the web, based on the categorization procedure (also applied on the same articles). Through extensive experiments we proved that the summarization procedure can affect the categorization mechanism and vice versa. This means that when the results of the summarization mechanism seem to be weak, then the categorization can be used in order to provide a more efficient summary and on the other hand when the categorization procedure becomes too overloaded, the summarized articles can be used in order to categorize the article more efficiently. Moreover this paper introduces that the combination of summarization and categorization can lead to more efficient results not only for both mechanisms but for a personalized portal also. Finally, we propose a complete mechanism that can be used in order to provide the users with helpful tools in order to locate more easily the information they need.